The most powerful global leaders, including Donald Trump and the new French president Emmanuel Macron, reunited in Taormina for the G7 summit 2017.

The mission is to build the foundations of renewed trust, both towards governments and among countries. The summit is based on three key points:

1.      Citizen’s safeguard

2.      Reduce differences and look for Sustainable social and economic development

3.      New Production Era and innovation.

High tech stuff and high qualified people are required as everything must to be perfect in terms of security and production. The world is staring at Taormina.

The summit should have been in Florence, then the choice is on Taormina in order to relaunch Sicily but also because of its geographical position and thanks to its symbolic role as the refugee crisis is the key topic on the G7 agenda.

Finally, NVP played at home, in the beautiful scenario of Taormina. We organized the whole event for RAI, one of our key-clients. We took care of the presentation in the ancient theatre and we managed the full set of meetings. We payed attention to details as there were strict protocols to follow due to the global presidents’ presence.

Everything must be perfect, and NVP demonstrated to be always ready to work under pressure and to face new scenarios.

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