There was the match FC Barcelona vs Las Palmas, and we were working with Mediapro at the Camp Nou Stadium.

The NVP staff was very excited as it was the first match working in 4K HDR: the innovative OB 4. One of the Twins, OB 4 and OB 6.

OB 4 is a triple expansion truck that hosts 22 native video cameras LDX86 4K HDR WCG. The unit can manage several signals at the same time thanks to two separated production areas. The Ob 4 let the customers produce both multilateral and unilateral programs with independent crews.

It was the outcome of an ambitious project and the OB 4 is still among the best high-tech OB van all over the world.

The whole NVP team was excited about the new arrival but the keenest one was surely Ivan Pintabona, the Chief Technical Manager Officer and owner of the NVP company. He says: “In 2017 there were few 4K HDR productions in Europe and no one in Italy, so I was really so proud of how our OB 4 stood out for its great service. It was a thrill! NVP achieved a leading position in the 4K HDR field, meanwhile, discussions about the HDR production are still underway among the Italian broadcaster…”

Since 2017, NVP continues delivering the best 4K HDR productions all over the world.

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