Born in 2007, NVP, reached a leading position in its field working with the best worldwide broadcasting stations.

Our strong points are innovation and high technology, furthermore, the smart organization allows us to manage the media branch in toto.

World Quickly Changes

We will soon manage our image, our products and ideas and even our relations through the medias and on digital platforms.

The worldwide changes will become your value and your money and NVP can help you to find the best solutions for your image just using your contents in the best way.

The House of Ideas


  • Meeting Area
  • Editing Area
  • Film Setting
  • Troupe
  • Multi-Platform Management

Via Deruta – Milano

From Here we move all over the world


NVP predicts future needs (such as interactivity and live production sharing) and allows customers to achieve the best remote production performance. Collaborators and employees share information among each other to supervise the Production flow step by step trying to maintain high level of technology and interactivity.

Via di Scorticabove – Roma

The Business Core


The new NVP’s Headquarter, located in Patti, is the business core of our company. It has been designed to meet our employees needs and to manage the key activities at the best. It is our strength.  Here we work hard on new solutions for our customers and here was born the successful idea about our OBvan that lead us to be  well-known and respected all over the world.

Via G. Grande 1 – S.P. Patti | +39 0941 660301