Born in 2007, NVP, reached a leading position in its field working with the best worldwide broadcasting stations.

Our strong points are innovation and high technology, furthermore, the smart organization allows us to manage the media branch in toto.

World Quickly Changes

We will soon manage our image, our products and ideas and even our relations through the medias and on digital platforms.

The worldwide changes will become your value and your money and NVP can help you to find the best solutions for your image just using your contents in the best way.

The House of Ideas


  • Meeting Area
  • Editing Area
  • Film Setting
  • Troupe
  • Multi-Platform Management

Via Deruta – Milano

From Here we move all over the world


NVP predicts future needs (such as interactivity and live production sharing) and allows customers to achieve the best remote production performance. Collaborators and employees share information among each other to supervise the Production flow step by step trying to maintain high level of technology and interactivity.

Via di Scorticabove – Roma

The Business Core


The new NVP’s Headquarter, located in Patti, is the business core of our company. It has been designed to meet our employees needs and to manage the key activities at the best. It is our strength.  Here we work hard on new solutions for our customers and here was born the successful idea about our OBvan that lead us to be  well-known and respected all over the world.

Via G. Grande 1 – S.P. Patti | +39 0941 660301

NVP improves the company organization

NVP has been working for more than 25 years in the TV production, it achieved many remarkable goals, and, thanks to this, it plays a leading role in the international broadcast market. It decides to improve the company organization to keep up with the ongoing technological innovations and to take on the new challenges at the best.

The staff is made up of 36 people and more than 400 professional freelance so the company always assures high flexibility and highly qualified staff.

NVP is glad to present the new members of the Management Team.

Luigi Pirola

Sales Operations Manager

Anna Bongiovanni

Chief human resources officer

Mariano Maglioccola

Sales Manager

Emiliano Fagiolo

Sales International Account

Alfredo Nardoni

Coordinator of Production Operations

Ernesto Parlati

Project Manager

Riccardo Ferrari

Technical Director

Marco Miccichè

Content Area Manager

Luigi Pirola

He is in charge for the coordination of the sales dept. He has a multi-year’ experience in Rai and in many other well-organized entities. He enters the NVP team with a remarkable experience and many international clients in the music and entertainment fields. Luigi reinforces the business relations with the broadcast leading players in Italy and in Europe.

Anna Bongiovanni

Chief Human Resources Officer and Manager of the NVP headquarter in San Piero Patti. She gained a ten-year experience in the broadcast field and she works close to the NVP leadership on the main business choices such as the human resources selection, the corporate structure and the business development plan. She also deals with salaries, professional plans and business collaborations to select new talents. Before becoming Chief Human Resourcers Officer, she coordinated the Production Office and she was in charge for the NVP team costs supervision. She is the CEO’s Exevutive Assistant and Financial Controller.

Mariano Maglioccola

Sales Manager and NVP Naples Manager with 10 years’ experience in the broadcast field. He was the sole administrator of the company XLive (recently absorbed by NVP). He is a dynamic broadcast figure who has been working in the field for more than 20 years. He is specialized in sporting events and music.

Emiliano Fagiolo

Sales International Account from the NVP Rome branch. He has 10 years’ experience in the worldwide broadcast, and he aims to acquire new international clients in big sporting events.

Alfredo Nardoni

Coordinator of Production Operations and NVP Rome Manager. He has 30 years’ experience in broadcast. Before entering the NVP team, he performed leading roles for the main broadcast players. He is Head of Development and Innovation so he gives his support to the R&D area working on new innovative solutions to satisfy the customers’ needs.

Ernesto Parlati

Project Manager with 30 years’ experience working from the NVP Rome branch. NVP counts on his professional knowledge for all the production preparatory activities. Furthermore, Ernesto gives his precious support to the logistics.

Riccardo Ferrari

Enters the NVP family after 30 years’ experience in the broadcast field. He designed and supervised several broadcast projects.

Marco Micciché

Head Content Manager, in charge for the content area and the technology to use them. Versatile and highly qualified figure inclined to innovation