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NVP S.p.A. – 02916630839B

Headquarters in Sicily – C/DA Gebbia Grande 1/B, San Piero Patti (ME), 98068
Branch in Milan
Branch in Rome
Branch in Naples

1. Production, selling, distribution
2. TV programs, theatrical events and advertising broadcasting
3. Lighting engineering production
4. Technical and creative coordination
5. Management of studios, film setting, theaters and arenas
6. Market surveys and advertising creation
7. TV programs creation, production and distribution
8. Supplying technical services, assistance and maintenance
9. Production of vehicles, infrastructures and technological systems for shooting creation
10. Shooting creation and processing
11. Consulation for hardware installation, software edition, data recording and processing, office machine maintenance and restoration

NVP is a leading company specialized in broadcasting and creation of TV programs, big events, concerts and fictions. It supplies, both in Italy and in Europe, high tech equipment and specialized staff and it boasts a great experience in the technical and creative format and content for new TV broadcasting stations, TV Corporate, optical fiber and new high broadcasting technologies.

NVP invests a lot in Research and Development activities in order to find innovative and high tech solutions to create and realize high performance 4K HDR OB van.

PINTABONA NATALINO professional institute degree – Sales Manager
PINTABONA MASSIMO scientific high school degree – CEO
PINTABONA IVAN scientific high school degree– Technical Manager


Latest budget

Delocalizable Multi Direction Patent

Number of employees: 35