How can we connect fans with Live Sports in a socially distanced world?

Nowadays it is even more important than before to put the welfare of staff, players and fans first.

So broadcasters are looking for new ways to deliver live content and Remote production is the perfect solution.

It requires fewer crew and less equipment on location as it is possible to centralize production at home studios or at a dedicated third-party location with a very low latency transport of multiple live videos feeds to the central facility.

The advantages are clear as users can enjoy more content than ever from everywhere and the remote production allows a high flexibility and the ability to cover multiple events in a day.

So… What else? Remote production is the new frontier of live broadcasting and NVP is always in step with the times.

We did it for Dazn for the football match Fiorentina vs Torino last 19th of July.

The ability to collaborate with the team is an essential facet of live broadcasting and we are proud to say that we count on a high qualified crew who allows a flexible and scalable REM production solution.

NVP has proven itself to be ahead of its time and to be very versatile with high-tech and customized solutions.

Stay tuned, we have many other news in store for you.

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