NVP improves the company organization

NVP has been working for more than 25 years in the TV production, it achieved many remarkable goals, and, thanks to this, it plays a leading role in the international broadcast market. It decides to improve the company organization to keep up with the ongoing technological innovations and to take on the new challenges at the best.

The staff is made up of 36 people and more than 400 professional freelance so the company always assures high flexibility and highly qualified staff.

NVP is glad to present the new members of the Management Team.

Luigi Pirola

Sales Operations Manager

Anna Bongiovanni

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mariano Maglioccola

Sales Manager

Emiliano Fagiolo

Sales International Account

Alfredo Nardoni

Coordinator of Production Operations

Ernesto Parlati

Project Manager

Riccardo Ferrari

Technical Director

Marco Miccichè

Content Area Manager