OB 7, the flagship of our obvan fleet

OB 7 assures high versatility and an increase in production potential and NVP aims for expanding the clients portfolio. In the meantime, the R&S dept is working on new innovative solutions to intensify the customer loyalty.

Massimo Pintabona says: “This is the outcome of a hard work on which the R&S Dept, has been working hard since a long time. We are now the unique broadcasting company to have 3 obvan 4K HDR and we will keep going on this way. We would offer the most innovative solutions and customized services to our customers. This is our strenght and the competitive advantage we assure on the international market. This is a particular period during which people can not attend live events so broadcasting becomes crucial. OB 7 assures high-quality production and the best performances in the broadcasting field and it is important to continue keeping close to our clients.”

OB 7 offers innovative services directly connected to the cloud computing and the network delivery. Everything is managed from the obvan and can be customized depending on the customers’ needs. OB 7 becomes the joining link between the traditional idea of obvan and the most high-tech solutions of the broadcast field.

One of the OB 7 rooms, is dedicated to the new facilities such as content distribution services integrated into the obvan, machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to the audio and video contents. Differently from the other obvans, OB 7 lets a direct connection in 5G or through public internet.

Ivan Pintabona, CTO of the company: “The most innovative solution is related to the encoding and decoding procedures, integrated with the obvan core. It means that we can create a virtual sharing between the obvan and the final user who could interact with the live content through the distribution system.”

OB 7 can host much more people on board and more space involves more distance. The crew could always work safe in compliance with the covid-19 regulations.