first native 4K HDR

Let’s recall together one the first productions we did in native 4K HDR.

It was 2017, we were in Spain as host broadcaster on the occasion of the football match Getafe vs Real Madrid. We did the match with OB4, a triple expansion truck that hosts up to 34 native video cameras LDX86 4K HDR WCG. OB4 lets the customers produce both multilateral and unilateral programs with independent crews and it is still among the best high-tech #obvan all over the world.

NVP is a pioneer of the 4K HDR productions as in 2017 there was no other broadcaster in Italy that did it, few competitors just started doing it a short time ago while NVP, nowadays, is expert in the field.

This avant-garde philosophy has always been our strong point, it allows us delivering the best 4K HDR productions all over the world and we are proud of it.

We are happy with our work