NVP improves the company organization

NVP has been working for more than 25 years in the TV production, it achieved many remarkable goals, and, thanks to this, it plays a leading role in the international broadcast market. It decides to improve the company organization to keep up with the ongoing technological innovations and to take on the new challenges at the best.

The staff is made up of 36 people and more than 400 professional freelance so the company always assures high flexibility and highly qualified staff.

NVP is glad to present the new members of the Management Team.

Luigi Pirola

Sales Operations Manager

Anna Bongiovanni

Chief Human Resources Officer

Mariano Maglioccola

Sales Manager

Emiliano Fagiolo

Sales International Account

Alfredo Nardoni

Coordinator of Production Operations

Ernesto Parlati

Project Manager

Riccardo Ferrari

Technical Director

Marco Miccichè

Content Area Manager

NVP and XtraMotion: harnessing the power of AI and the cloud

Interview with Ivan Pintabona and Marco Micciché, NVP Italy

As the first service provider in Europe to embrace EVS’ new XtraMotion super slow-motion service, NVP is consolidating its position as a leading innovator in the market. We’ve caught up with Ivan Pintabona, NVP’s CTO, and Marco Micciché, NVP’s Head Content Manager, who give us some insight into their XtraMotion experience and explain how the cloud-based service is enhancing its offering. 

Officially launched in May 2021, EVS’ XtraMotion has already been making waves within the industry, due to its ability to create smooth super slow-motion images from any camera angle on a production using the power of artificial intelligence. Leading broadcast services company NVP has embraced the innovative service, as a way to enhance storytelling through a new approach to production. “What’s great about XtraMotion is that it gives you the opportunity to convert any point of view – according and proportionally to the camera speed – in a high-speed replay, and this, without any need for a specific hardware” Ivan Pintabona explains. “And because it is cloud-based, XtraMotion can be deployed on-demand, meaning no heavy upfront investments are required.”

“XtraMotion is a great storytelling tool that inspires broadcasters and boosts their creativity, and we are proud to be one of the first users”


Along with US network FOX Sports, NVP was one of the first to see XtraMotion’s potential. “We conducted tests in March 2021 during the Ferrari Challenge for the finals in Misano, which produced amazing results. We are now using it for all Ferrari Challenge races and will do the same for the upcoming 2021 Canoe Slalom World Cup as well. XtraMotion is a great storytelling tool that inspires broadcasters and boosts their creativity, and we are proud to be one of the first users” says Marco Micciché.

NVP has also begun testing XtraMotion on football (soccer) productions and is eager to use it on many other future productions. “The demand for XtraMotion is increasing, as the service really has a clear impact on the final outcome. XtraMotion is ideal for the coverage of events on racetracks and other productions that require the use of specialty cameras, as it gives us the ability to create high-speed replays from angles you’ve never seen before” adds Ivan.

“The demand for XtraMotion is increasing, as the service really has a clear impact on the final outcome”


When asked if they plan to add more services like XtraMotion to their offering in the future, Ivan replies: “There’s real potential for cloud technologies in OB environments as they allow for the highest level of flexibility. Looking forward, it’s likely we’ll see more custom-built technical infrastructures that no longer require the installation of a dedicated position within the truck.”

“Our company has been working for a long time on cloud-based services and on interconnected infrastructures (both local and remote) in order to offer our customers the possibility to deploy remote workflows, reducing resources on site without compromising on the quality of the production”, he adds.

XtraMotion is one of several other innovative services that NVP is working on. When it comes to creating compelling content with the flexibility required in todays and tomorrow’s productions, the cloud-based service is proving to be a great asset: “This is an innovative and amazing project that will enhance the TV production with Supermotion and Hypermotion replays from different shooting angles. The images it delivers are truly spectacular!” Marco concludes.

Source: EVS.com

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The NVP Content and Creative Area is working hard for Ferrari

Innovation and hi-tech solutions always at our clients’ fingertips.

Thanks to the Director Tommaso Rotolo and the Director assistant Fabrizio Iori for being so professional. Thanks to our highly qualified Content Area Manager Marco Micciché and to the Post Production Director Giuseppe Celi for their great work.

Inaugural SVG Europe Sound Talks – Mixing Broadcast Sound spectacular success

The inaugural SVG Europe Sound Talks event of 2021, Mixing Broadcast Sound, was a spectacular success, with nearly 100 participants present for the panels and Q&A sessions. In all respects, the calibre and number of participants, and the range of topics and debate, surpassed SVG Europe expectations.

In the first session, Thought Leaders Perspectives, Roger Charlesworth spoke with Henry Goodman, director of product development at broadcast console manufacturer Calrec Audio, and Rob Oldfield, co-founder and CEO at Salsa Sound, developers of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven automatic audio mixing tools for sports broadcast. The trio addressed the challenges of console virtualisation and remote working in live sports broadcasting from the toolmaker’s point of view.

Catalysts for change

An early part of this discussion was centred around catalysts for change in technologies and the idea that this was not a simple matter of COVID causing a move to remote working. It was agreed that the causes were more complicated and had actually been in play since well before the pandemic, with IP connectivity being a big factor, along with both logistic and creative motivations. However, it was also clear that the pandemic had been an ‘accelerating’ feature.

The session looked at several hub models that were in play for various broadcasters and varying tiers of sports production, including remote full audio transport or monitoring only with remote DSP, and even the possibility of distributed processing power from single DSP cores and how that feeds into the notion of processing becoming a cloud-based software service in the future.

Indeed, it was put forward that a move to cloud in the future was inevitable, though the challenges to audio manufacturers are substantial. However, the potential for streamlining services with multiple feeds in many formats, languages, viewer perspectives and so on is huge.

Trend towards remote working

The second session, Audio Insider Perspectives, was chaired by Alex Judd, technical specialist at Sky Sports, with contributions from A1 sound supervisor and audio guarantee Pete Mercer, A1 sound supervisor Emma Penny from Sky Sports, A1 broadcast sound engineer Alessandro Sdrigotti from NVP, deputy head of sound from NEP UK, Neville Hooper, and A1 sound supervisor Ian Rosam.

Up for discussion was today’s workflows for live football, and again this centred particularly around the trend towards remote working and the challenges that had been presented by the COVID pandemic.

The idea that remote working was already being rolled out across many sports and projects before any COVID influence was reiterated by the group, with several examples, such as Sky Sports’ Formula E and European Football League coverage. In fact, coverage of the broadcaster’s latest addition – Extreme E, the international off-road racing series – was a ground-up remote production from NEP UK based at a new purpose-built remote production facility in central London.

Audio transport solution

A number of new working practices for remote operations were discussed, including audio transport solutions and increased complexity in off-site connection, such as the need for many new additional comms lines and transport of individual pre-fade channels from site, which in turn required new managed media transport solutions. Other ‘adjustments’ including managing comms and IFB, particularly when it comes to onsite talent, who may well be feeling a lot more isolated with vastly reduced crew on site.

The challenges of virtual crowd noise were discussed, with interesting differences noted in approach by broadcasters and varying levels of acceptance in domestic markets, with some preferring no crowd noise, which brings new field-of-play mixing challenges, and others building their mixes from virtual crowd upwards.

In general, the participants felt that many of the adjustments and new working practices that had been accelerated by the pandemic would stay around even post-COVID. That fact many had already made the move to immersive content, with much of that mixed remotely anyway, and given other benefits such as environment gains, transport costs, time efficiencies and more, it was certain that remote production was a new fact of modern sports broadcasting and that maybe the remaining days for large onsite trucks and logistics were already being counted down.

The session ended with a Q&A segment with all panel members taking part. Questions ranged from the problems of mic positioning and confidence for remote operators, network audio transport protocols and efforts to standardise control protocols through the NMOS standard.

SVG Europe audio editor Paul Mac concluded the session, noting that creativity seemed to be at the heart of what broadcasters were up to at the moment, whether that was in pushing craft, or finding technological solutions, and that much that was pioneered to see us through the recent world health crisis would undoubtedly be shaping the future of broadcasting.

Many thanks to all participants, hosts and SVG Europe sponsors Telos Alliance and TSL Products, for making the event such a fantastic success.

SVG Europe

This has been a challenging year

This has been a challenging year and we worked harder than before to achieve our goals, with passion and dedication.

We would thank you our staff, our clients and even our competitors to inspire us to do always more and better.

We are cheery with shining spirits and ambitions for the future.

May the 2021 bring you to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Let’s cheers together to health, happiness, and prosperity in 2021.

NVP reinforces its leading position thanks to new important commissions.

NVP took care of many cultural events, this is crucial to maintain the bond between artists and their audience during a period like this.
The company produced the Opening Season at the San Carlo Theatre in Naples. NVP streamed the Cavalleria Rusticana and it was a great success with more than 30.000 tickets and an audience of more than 50.000 viewers coming from allover the world. It was a record.
NVP took part in the Taobuk Festival, the international literary kermesse of Taormina. The topic was “passion” and many international artists took part in it. We would mention, among the others, Brunori Sas, Pupi Avati, Svetlana Aleksievič and Mario Vargas Llosa. 
The company streamed on Facebook the launch of the Andrea Bocelli’s new album, named “Believe”. The virtual call was a great success with thousands of fans from allover the world. It also took care of the Premio Tenco, international award given to authors and singers since 1974.
Following the winter episodes, NVP has been confirmed to produce the Christmas edition of Un’ora Sola Vi Vorrei, the Brignano’s oneman-show.
Sport has always been the strong point of the company, now more than ever:

  • Golden Gala Women High Jump from the Olympic Stadium in Rome, last September
  • Streaming Conference Call during the UEFA matches of Champions and Europa Leauge
  • Serie C championship following the Ternana Team
  • Winter Tour: on the road studio following the Skiing World Cup until the Finals in Cortina on the 21th March 2021, an unmissable date for skiing lovers
  • Milano Boxing Night for Dazn from the Allianz Cloud in Milano last 17th December 2020
  • The Serie A SuperLega volley 2020-2021

NVP will provide a third OBvan to OBS for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 to enhance the equestrian competitions.

NVP will provide a third OBvan to OBS (Olympic Broadcasting Services) for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2021 to enhance the equestrian competitions.

As OB 4 and OB 6, the third OBvan will provide productions in 4K HDR, as required by OBS to assure the highest resolution to a global audience.

The third OBvan is committed from the 24th July to the 8th August 2021 to broadcast the Equestrian competitions of Dressage and Jumping. Both take place at the Baji Koen park owned by the Japan Racing Authority. This beautiful park hosted the Olympic Games in 1964

Massimo Pintabona, CEO of NVP: “We can meet our customers needs thanks to high tech resources and to an ongoing expansion of the OBvan fleet. Producing the Olympic Games 2021, reinforces our leading position in the international broadcasting market.”

OB 7, the flagship of our obvan fleet

OB 7 assures high versatility and an increase in production potential and NVP aims for expanding the clients portfolio. In the meantime, the R&S dept is working on new innovative solutions to intensify the customer loyalty.

Massimo Pintabona says: “This is the outcome of a hard work on which the R&S Dept, has been working hard since a long time. We are now the unique broadcasting company to have 3 obvan 4K HDR and we will keep going on this way. We would offer the most innovative solutions and customized services to our customers. This is our strenght and the competitive advantage we assure on the international market. This is a particular period during which people can not attend live events so broadcasting becomes crucial. OB 7 assures high-quality production and the best performances in the broadcasting field and it is important to continue keeping close to our clients.”

OB 7 offers innovative services directly connected to the cloud computing and the network delivery. Everything is managed from the obvan and can be customized depending on the customers’ needs. OB 7 becomes the joining link between the traditional idea of obvan and the most high-tech solutions of the broadcast field.

One of the OB 7 rooms, is dedicated to the new facilities such as content distribution services integrated into the obvan, machine learning and artificial intelligence applied to the audio and video contents. Differently from the other obvans, OB 7 lets a direct connection in 5G or through public internet.

Ivan Pintabona, CTO of the company: “The most innovative solution is related to the encoding and decoding procedures, integrated with the obvan core. It means that we can create a virtual sharing between the obvan and the final user who could interact with the live content through the distribution system.”

OB 7 can host much more people on board and more space involves more distance. The crew could always work safe in compliance with the covid-19 regulations.

first native 4K HDR

Let’s recall together one the first productions we did in native 4K HDR.

It was 2017, we were in Spain as host broadcaster on the occasion of the football match Getafe vs Real Madrid. We did the match with OB4, a triple expansion truck that hosts up to 34 native video cameras LDX86 4K HDR WCG. OB4 lets the customers produce both multilateral and unilateral programs with independent crews and it is still among the best high-tech #obvan all over the world.

NVP is a pioneer of the 4K HDR productions as in 2017 there was no other broadcaster in Italy that did it, few competitors just started doing it a short time ago while NVP, nowadays, is expert in the field.

This avant-garde philosophy has always been our strong point, it allows us delivering the best 4K HDR productions all over the world and we are proud of it.

We are happy with our work

Remote Production

How can we connect fans with Live Sports in a socially distanced world?

Nowadays it is even more important than before to put the welfare of staff, players and fans first.

So broadcasters are looking for new ways to deliver live content and Remote production is the perfect solution.

It requires fewer crew and less equipment on location as it is possible to centralize production at home studios or at a dedicated third-party location with a very low latency transport of multiple live videos feeds to the central facility.

The advantages are clear as users can enjoy more content than ever from everywhere and the remote production allows a high flexibility and the ability to cover multiple events in a day.

So… What else? Remote production is the new frontier of live broadcasting and NVP is always in step with the times.

We did it for Dazn for the football match Fiorentina vs Torino last 19th of July.

The ability to collaborate with the team is an essential facet of live broadcasting and we are proud to say that we count on a high qualified crew who allows a flexible and scalable REM production solution.

NVP has proven itself to be ahead of its time and to be very versatile with high-tech and customized solutions.

Stay tuned, we have many other news in store for you.