The company, its history, its numbers

NVP srl is an italian company based in San Piero Patti, Messina, Sicily.
Born in 2007, in a short NVP gain a leading role in Italy and Europe providing high-tech equipment and ultra-specialized staff for implementing major television, sports and movie events, TV and fiction programs, concerts and shows, besides having acquired great experience in the technical, artistic and content implementation of new TV broadcasters, Corporate TV, fiber and new transmission technologies.

The company, led by CEO Massimo Pintabona, expert in business management, finance and human resources, employs 25 employees and about 200 freelance staff year, being very flexible and at same time able to handle a high volume staff.

Nvp is divided in two different dipartments, Art & Creative e Broadcast & Obvan but through their interaction, they can give to the company the dynamism and versatility that makes it a unique and successful company, able to develop any project at every stage.

Broadcast & Obvan Art & Creative


  •   +39 0941 660301
  •   +39 0941 660435
  •   C.da Gebbia Grande, 1B
    San Piero Patti (ME) Italy